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Make reading easier

Just take a picture of it!

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Understand and keep track.

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Easier Reading

Make small text bigger. With Leksa, you will read and understand text that would normally be too difficult. Just take a picture of it! Leksa scans it and turns it into text.

If you get tired of reading, Leksa can read the rest to you. Leksa will highlight word for word as it speaks.

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Leksa dark mode

Leksa Remembers

Where was I?

Take a break, and continue later. No more loosing track of where you were. Leksa remembers, so if you need a break, you can pick up right from the very word where you last left off.

Light mode or Dark mode, iPhone or iPad, full screen or split screen.
Leksa supports it all.

As a parent of a child with dyslexia, I wrote this app to help with the daily problem of reading and understanding assignments and homework handed out on paper printouts of varying quality and text size.